30 January 2015

January in Poland: introduction

Hello world! Here we are after a first month of freedom: I am a happy-go-lucky unemployed, Sebastien has been taking a necessary rest to be able to set off for a new adventure, and we're both without a regular housing, counting on our families' hospitality, they kindly feed us and provide a shelter for more than a month. Many things have happened and changed here...if all had gone according to our plans, we would have been wandering around La Habana old town now... But let's start from the scratch.

31 December 2014

2014 review

Last year I wrote a similar post, 2013 looked so satisfying to me. I'd just come back from South America with lots of positive energy, great enthusiasm and plans. I always thought, I was a born optimist, I truly believed that the best was yet to come and was rather proud of the things achieved on the other side of the globe: I met beautiful people, learnt a great deal of interesting facts. I learnt to be patient and to put all matters into perspective, that I believe is important for one's well-being and personal development.

23 November 2014

Île de Noirmoutier, France

So it's lazy Sunday again: after a quick house cleaning, ironing, little shopping in a Polish grocery and a generous portion of Polish pierogi, I get cracking at writing a new article. There is Sébastien seating next me, he's reading his Phd thesis again and again, nervously chewing at his nails...the soft background music while sipping the hot tea makes us look as cool as a cucumber, you'd think. But frankly speaking I've terrible butterflies...because tomorrow is this D-Day... my love will receive his PhD!

17 November 2014

Una breve passeggiata a Venezia

I've been absent online for over a week due to a very time-consuming activity, to wit: I've finished the last season of my favourite French TV series, Spiral (or Engrenages in French). I'd already mentioned it here, that when I was living in London, I attended a TV series festival where Spiral was the main subject of our discussion. You may think I am mad, but I'm sure it would make you crazy too.

9 November 2014

Pays de la Loire: sur la route des vignes

Our last stay in Pays de la Loire was all about family and friends meetings, lazy afternoons, tasting delicious food and fine wines...even if the initial plan was supposed to be more constructive: I wanted to read books, polish my Spanish and Italian skills (I'll explain this issue soon); change my blog's theme and catching up on the latest news...argh...it still remains my resolution, a New Year's resolution now, let's say.

29 October 2014

Triglavski Narodni Park, Slovenia

Our trip to Slovenia in August this year was somewhat special to me. I was happy to be back in the mountains and it was a kind of a dream come true. Slovenia is a wonderful country so you'd better travel there now before it becomes too touristy.

27 October 2014

London again

Here is a flashback to London where I headed 3 weeks ago. I've been quite busy these last weeks so have a lot to catch up on, but am on holiday now so it would be a pleasure to add some new articles, so many unpublished photos on my computer are waiting to come to light!

16 October 2014

La Grande Bellezza

"When I came to Rome at the age of 26, I fell pretty swiftly into what might be defined as the whirl of the high life, but I didn't just want to live the high life, I wanted to be the king of the high life. I didn't just want to attend parties, I wanted the power to make them fail..." Jep Gambardella

11 October 2014

Rome autrement

I did not plan to go back to Rome this year. The truth is that traveling back to Paris from Athens with a longer layover in Rome was less expensive than a direct journey to France. But that trip was not totally aimless in the end. We intended to stay in a specific neighborhood in the south of Rome to check it out...and to decide whether we want to move there or not.

9 October 2014

Days on Milos

I was not at ease during our first moments on Milos. I'd never been to Greece before and I'm used to speaking the language of locals almost everywhere I went, Greek language was not the case here. What is more, our car was in a terrible state. If there is a thing I can't recommend you on Milos, this will be a car rental agency called RAC = to avoid at all costs. Maybe, that's one of the reasons I didn't feel at ease too. We had a serious argue with these dishonest people, trying to rip off poor foreigners who don't speak Greek precisely..

5 October 2014

Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

You need three hours to get to Milos from Athens' Piraeus harbour by boat. When I say that I've been to Milos, the name of the island doesn't ring a bell to my friends. Yet, the famous "Venus from Milo" (a 4th- century BC statue of Aphrodite) was found here by a farmer in 1820... Is it clearer now?

28 September 2014

Kalimera Athens!

I had heard dissenting opinions about Athens and seen thousands of different photos. I was somewhat prepared to see a huge industrial, polluted city with the Acropolis hill in the middle, that had nothing to do with the rest of the landscape...and this mistaken idea caused but a gasp of amazement once we landed there.

25 September 2014

La Côte d'Azur avec Gabriela

Since my return from Peru in December, I haven't really had any day off. My short trips to Sardinia, Tenerife, Slovenia, Cinque Terre, FlorenceGermany, Nantes or Poland were just extended weekends, no time for a rest then. The spring semester at uni was very hard as it was my last year and my master's defense was nigh. Right after having finished my degree, I started a full time job which meant no holiday in July/August, I managed to negociate 10 days off in September tough. And it's hard to believe but that long-awaited holiday is over, I'm back here in Paris with lots of marvelous memories and photos I wish to share. 

9 September 2014

An evening on Bled Lake

Bled is Slovenia's must-see, a very special place. I'd seen a thousand of photos of this amazing little island and the church in the middle of the lake but I wouldn't even imagine that it would surprise me so much on site. We arrived in Bled in the evening, the weather was good and it was so calm all around, "perfection was achieved there", you'd think.

8 September 2014

Logarska Dolina

Looking at these photos now makes me want to go back to Logarska Dolina, to change the way I feel about this place. That was supposed to be a beautiful sunny day in the mountain but all seemed to be going against us. 

7 September 2014

Ljubljana dreaming

We arrived in Ljubljana in the evening, left our bags in a hostel near the city centre and went for a walk, looking for a nice place to have dinner. Difficult to choose, all the restaurants looked so appealing! It was quite chilly outside but we decided to stay on the terrace, ordered some delicious Slovenian specialties to warm up and I couldn't wait to see the city in the daylight. 

2 September 2014

Managing claustrophobia in Škocjanske caves

I knew that Slovenia was famous for its caves, my lonely planet guide mentioned it several times, but I didn't really care about it. Walking through tiny, windowless spaces is not my thing. Walking through humid, closed cave full of bats and other disgusting creatures was absolutely out of question. I try not to toy with my claustrophobia. 

30 August 2014

Arriving in Slovenia

This trip to Slovenia was a long-awaited dream come true and a well-deserved short holiday in the end. We've been working very hard this summer so it was high time to get some rest. We'd been thinking about Slovenia for a very long time and I was especially intrigued by its capital- Ljubljana- "the perfect city" as they say. The main issue was how to get there from Paris not paying to much because the country is tiny and there is only one international airport in there, the price range for an Air France or Adria Airline return flight is about 200 to 300 euros...too bad.