9 September 2014

An evening on Bled Lake

Bled is Slovenia's must-see, a very special place. I'd seen a thousand of photos of this amazing little island and the church in the middle of the lake but I wouldn't even imagine that it would surprise me so much on site. We arrived in Bled in the evening, the weather was good and it was so calm all around, "perfection was achieved there", you'd think.

8 September 2014

Logarska Dolina

Looking at these photos now makes me want to go back to Logarska Dolina, to change the way I feel about this place. That was supposed to be a beautiful sunny day in the mountain but all seemed to be going against us. 

7 September 2014

Ljubljana dreaming

We arrived in Ljubljana in the evening, left our bags in a hostel near the city centre and went for a walk, looking for a nice place to have dinner. Difficult to choose, all the restaurants looked so appealing! It was quite chilly outside but we decided to stay on the terrace, ordered some delicious Slovenian specialties to warm up and I couldn't wait to see the city in the daylight. 

2 September 2014

Managing claustrophobia in Škocjanske caves

I knew that Slovenia was famous for its caves, my lonely planet guide mentioned it several times, but I didn't really care about it. Walking through tiny, windowless spaces is not my thing. Walking through humid, closed cave full of bats and other disgusting creatures was absolutely out of question. I try not to toy with my claustrophobia. 

30 August 2014

Arriving in Slovenia

This trip to Slovenia was a long-awaited dream come true and a well-deserved short holiday in the end. We've been working very hard this summer so it was high time to get some rest. We'd been thinking about Slovenia for a very long time and I was especially intrigued by its capital- Ljubljana- "the perfect city" as they say. The main issue was how to get there from Paris not paying to much because the country is tiny and there is only one international airport in there, the price range for an Air France or Adria Airline return flight is about 200 to 300 euros...too bad.

20 July 2014

Un día de boda franco-española

Last Friday, we attended a beautiful wedding of Alexandra & Vincent, a hispano-french couple that we met in Paris. Friday was a particularly hot day here in the city but the wedding reception took place in the Domaine de Quincampoix near Paris. I've ignored how beautiful that part of countryside was and arriving to such a calm and breezy place was a real surprise. The newly-wed couple was pretty, the place was amazing and the food was delicious. 
Once again... ¡Viven los novios!

13 July 2014

Tenerife beaches

It may sound paradoxical but I won't praise Tenerife beaches here...and I can't understand why Canary Islands had to do with golden sands and heavenly places in my imagination.

6 July 2014

Tenerife and its colonial streets

The rain has been lashing down behind my windows for two days, and it doesn't look like it will end one day. Hopefully, I have these beautiful memories and photos from the Canary Islands to brighten up last greyish days. This time, I want to show you a few cities of Tenerife: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz and San Cristobal de la Laguna. These places have something interesting in common: colonial streets. 

4 July 2014

Above the clouds: el teide

I thought nothing would surprise me on the last day on Tenerife but El Parque Nacional del Teide surpassed all my expectations. I confess I was being quite grumpy and taciturn in the morning because our Canary Island adventure was about to end. A familiar feeling of melancholy and the cold realization that the holiday is almost over gradually started to set in. But the beauty of the landscape was beyond description and made me so speechless. 

27 June 2014

Tenerife miradores

I slowly opened our heavy shutters and the big hotel room window overlooking the city of Puerto de la Cruz and the sea, let the gentle breeze cool my face, and I knew it was going to be a good day. The plan was to take two beautiful northern roads offering incredible panoramas on the island (TF13 & TF12), to visit the colonial city of San Cristobal de la Laguna and to end the day in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Mission accomplished.

20 June 2014

Tenerife road trip: introduction

Let's start from scratch. At the beginning of June, I wrote a post about our future travel plans, about lavender and sunflower fields I wished to see. I was obviously talking about the region of Provence, a sunny corner of southern France known for its charming medieval villages, cobbled streets, endless fields of sunflower and the scent of lavender wafting through a breeze. I could hardly wait to get back to the south of France that I barely know. 

8 June 2014

Peru: Trujillo surroundings

Let's go back to Peru for a moment. In late November, I took a trip to the north of Peru (Mancora, the most beautiful Peruvian beaches) on my own. As travelling by bus was extremely long (about 25 hrs), I spent one day in the city of Trujillo to take a rest, before getting back to Lima.

5 June 2014

Next sunny destination

I've been silent for some time due to a huge amount of work here but these hard times should be over in a week...:) And then...we'll leave Paris for a few days, head in the southern direction, and I'll find myself in a sunflower and lavender wonderland, a perfect spot for photographers, it's just too good to be true!

21 May 2014

Paris: le jardin des serres d'auteuil

Paris doesn't cease to amaze me when we have this gloriously sunny weather and you find yourself in a totally new place in the city you think you know like the back of your hand. I love this kind of Sundays when my only worry is to find a tree to offer us shade, I've always been so sensitive to the cold, frileuse, as we say here. 

13 May 2014

My birthday week

About 110 birthday messages from all over the world which mean a lot to me, calls from Peru, Germany, Poland, a couple of travel books and guidebooks, a beautiful hand made card, all this for my 26th birthday this year, I am absolutely delighted and absolutely gâtée :)

1 May 2014

(Re)Bonjour Berlin!

Most of my travel projects are pretty spontaneous so I'm used to finding myself in complicated, uneasy and impractical situations, I am perfectly aware of it but it doesn't bother me that much. It bothers my boyfriend sometimes.

27 April 2014


On this spring Sunday afternoon in Paris, I recall the places where spring may be visible and felt in all its glory I think- in the countryside. At the end of March we've been to Nantes to pay a visit to my boyfriend's family and I traveled to Poland last Easter weekend with some transits in Brussels and Berlin that I am also going to tackle soon.

18 April 2014

Genova photo diary

That was my second travel to Genova, northern Italy and you can find my previous post on it right here. Anything has not changed really, the city still seems underrated, fine, it remains so untouristy.  

13 April 2014

Sunny Vernazza & Monterosso

I admit that traveling to Italy in winter may be a bit risky but how pleasant it is without the crowds of people when the weather cooperates! Vernazza and then Monterosso al Mare are the last stops in the Cinque Terre.