19 December 2013

Back in Huaraz

When it comes to Huaraz, my heart leaps.

I was supposed to travel to Chachapoyas last week, it's a part of Peruvian rain forest and I really thought that I'd get my feet wet in the jungle. But I was itching to coming back to Huaraz at the same time. Los Andes te jalan says uncle José, in all possible meanings of the Spanish verb jalar id est- to attract, to pull, to eat. I've already mentioned that I'd found this place magical and I'll repeat it here: these mountains are powerful, stunning, surprising, overwhelming, so imposing! And Huaraz is the good place to start your mountain adventure in Peru. 

The city is situated at just about the same altitude as Cusco, 3200m above sea level, and is one of the most important cities in the Peruvian Andes. It's been gradually destroying by flood waters, avalanches and earthquakes and it really looks like an enormous village; there are animals everywhere, some cows graze in the main streets, women wear beautiful sombreros, colorful skirts and men put on ponchos. They are so likable and I am very fond of their outfits. It's always sunny there in the morning. Right now, however, it rains in the afternoon...every single day.

So on Thursday I decided that I'd leave on Friday morning. I stayed at Isabel's place once again, she does like having visitors and her house is situated in a perfect spot with an amazing view on the city. I used to wake up at 5am everyday, go up to the last floor and wait for the sunrise. The sun goes up so incredibly quickly there! Isabel fed her guinea pigs, rabbits, dog, cats, hens while I just stared at the mountains...and felt so happy.

Reunion with Rusti

Museo Arquelógico de Huaraz, the monoliths garden

And my favorite cerro* 

PS: I blame blogger.com for the bad quality of my landscape photos and pale colors, it's getting worse and worse...