7 December 2013

The last day at PUCP

It's just so hard to believe but I've taken all my exams and yesterday was my last day at the university. I thought I'd literally jump for joy as soon as all this is over. So I left the exam room, headed towards our lively El café de las Letras to grab a coffee and got flabbergasted when I found out it was empty and so quiet you could hear a pin drop...the cold realization that I'll leave Peru soon suddenly set in and I was not about to shout for joy.

I hate studying, I rarely enjoy my classes and quickly become bored but I do like learning interesting things by myself. I think that I missed a lot of courses at the Sorbonne and the majority of my classes at King's last year, it was a real chore. In Lima, at PUCP (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú) I found it all different. How come my teachers would start a day so bubbly, joking at 8am, they were so helpful and interested in us. I remember when my teacher, prof Ivan Millones Marinez said he was sorry that his class was a generally acknowledged the most uninteresting module ever....and it definitely was my favorite course; El Peru en los tiempos modernos id est Contemporary History of Peru. I didn't miss any of his class, I'm so found of Peruvian history now.

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú is a kind a elitist university, considered the best university in Peru and one of the Latin America's tops. Its campus is enormous, it's a little village with modern buildings and classrooms, its own banks, chapel, clinic, a great deal of restaurants, cafés, a botanic garden (that I recently discovered ), amazing sorts of trees and plants, and theses famous venados (roes) that lurk around trying to pinch your sandwich. I always pause to marvel at them, it's such a good idea to make them integrate with the students.

So after the exam I met my flatmate Said and we went for a walk, my camera in hand. It was such good fun. Moreover, it was so hot and sunny, it doesn't feel like Christmas is coming but it certainly feels like holiday. A well deserved holiday.
My way to the university (Riva Aguero) considered dangerous by my friends from Lima so I'd go around the university to get by the main entrance on my first days in Peru.
 Then, I just stopped it. Every place may be peligroso in Lima but you can't let paranoia afflict you here, just be careful.
El Jardin de Jamaica
Hungry venados
Attacked by a hungry roe

He finished my slice of bread and my apple juice
Trying to take a perfect photo for a prospective lawyer's CV
The library (main meeting place) and my university department
With my favorite teacher, Ivan Millones Marinez ♥ and a Japanese friend 

Said's favorite place; the main canteen

Said made me discover this playground a few days ago

Participating in "El jueves cultural" that takes place every Thursday.
Dear Santa Claus, I think it's too hot to wear this costume

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