8 December 2013

Un sábado en la Punta de Lima

I was supposed to carry on my northern Peruvian adventures but yesterday was such a beautiful day in Lima and I was absolutely keen on posting my last photos here and now. How fan I am of a hot and sunny December!

So together with my close friend Rocío and my travel buddy Stephan, we went to La Punta. La Punta is a kind of a little island, makes part of Callao in the north of Lima. It's such a calm place, mostly an upper middle class district, with beautiful, colorful colonial houses that are still well conserved. The district has an earthquake alarm system which alerts the residents to evacuate the district, since one strong enough could create a tsunami and easily wipe out the peninsula, it is also one of the districts in which beaches are affected by the ocean current El Niño... and shame on me but I've never been there before.  

The sound of ocean, dazzling afternoon sunshine, some good food and a nice company...that's what I call a sheer bliss, what can I say ;)

"Still waiting for the snow to fall, it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all"

Stephan trying algas for the first time on his spicy ceviche. He didn't look convinced

"Fishing the sun"

A view on Lima

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  1. Algo muy diferente para ti y para los europeos, ese es nuestro continente, y esa es nuestra raza, que viva latinoamerica!