10 March 2014

Sardegna trip: Sant'Antioco & San Pietro

The Costa del Sud was enough to delight me but it was our trip through the islands, Sant'Antioco & San Pietro that really revealed Sardegna's magnificent wild nature and where I finally realized we were traveling across an enormous island. In the afternoon we reached Sant'Antioco which is easy to get to driving across a bridge from Sardegna, and San Pietro, where we went to and left on the car ferry. 

Some rain showers surprised us at the entrance to Sant'Antioco which offers beautiful views on the islands but the city itself didn't have anything to amaze me really. From Sant'Antioco we went to Capo Sperone which is a cliff of the southern-most point of the Island with some breathtaking views on another small islands with volcanoes. It is said that Africa can be visible from that point when the weather is good. We stopped there to have lunch. Since our stay in Venice last year, we don't go to the restaurant for lunch, we buy some local cheese, prosciutto, bread and prepare our own sandwiches instead which are a way better than those sold in the bars.

The island was almost deserted and we quickly reached Calasetta, then took a ferry to Carloforte, the only way to get to San Pietro. Carloforte, this is where the famous tonnara, mattanza (slaughter) or just a spectacular tuna-fishing takes place every year. It's an old, Mediterranean, violent technique for catching Atlantic bluefin tuna. It takes place during spring and the beginning of summer when tuna tend to go into the Mediterranean Sea and this fishing turns the sea all red...Now, every time I buy tuna, I think about Sardegna.

It was getting dark and luckily enough we found ourselves in Punta delle Colonne right at the moment when the sun started to go down producing wonderful yellowish colours dazzling the only two of us. San Pietro is really tiny so it didn't take long to reach Capo Sandalo- another brilliant view point with a gloomy lighthouse and extremely strong currents of air. Just take a look at the map to locate the places worth seeing:
Sant'Antioco streets

Capo Sperone where we had lunch..in the car. It's hard to believe but it was raining before taking these photos ;)

From Calasetta to Carloforte by ferry

Arriving in Carloforte

Punta delle Colonne

Capo Sandalo with its famous lighthouse and such strong winds
Carloforte is a very charming little town. We left it in the early evening, took the ferry to Portovesme and arrived in our next B&B in Portoscuso at about half past eight. I was absolutely exhausted but when I found out what our HOUSE and our room looked like I quickly got a grip on myself and my energy level went up. We had dinner in a delicious pizzeria, came back home late and I couldn't wait to wake up, I'll show you why in the next post ;)
1. I choose a pizza with prosciutto of tuna because I've never tried it before.
2. Ichnusa is the name of a popular Sardinian-made beer, which is brewed in Assemini, a town near the Sardinian capital Cagliari.
3. The choice of pizzas was impressive.
4. Love it when the cappuccino is cremoso and costs 1 euro.


  1. Very beautiful photos! And how cheap is the cappuccino...I would go and take one every morning...because I like it :) I'm waiting for the new post :)

  2. Thank you Andrei :) I Hope you're doing fine?

  3. Yes. I'm doing fine. In December I moved back in Romania and now I have...a break...and I'm searching for another job here and, maybe in two months, I'll be in Paris because part of my family moved there because my father is again working in Paris.