11 March 2014

The wild side of Sardegna and return to Cagliari

Max made us warmly welcome in his B&B Le Ginestre (<--click), a beautiful villa in the outskirts of Portoscuso, on the second night in Sardegna. As he showed us around and opened the balcony door we could hear the sound of the sea and catch sight of the lights from San Pietro island in the distance but it was pitch black so we couldn't know what we would see behind the shutters on the next day.

I was so curious that I couldn't sleep really. At 8am I rushed towards the balcony. The weather disappointed me a bit but the view and the proximity to the sea and nature made up for it, it must be wonderful in the summertime. We went down to have breakfast and Max was waiting for us in the kitchen, enormous breakfast on the table looked truly tasty. What I appreciated was Max's company and hospitality, delicious cappuccino, croissants, he had us taste some Sardinian cheese and bread that looked like crisps, I even bought some of it for us. Bref, it promised to be a good day.
Our room in B&B Le Ginestre in Portoscuso
From the left: Sardinian cheese, Sardinian spices, Sardinian artichoke cream that I took to Paris
From Portoscuso we headed north and arrived in Iglesias 30 minutes later. Tough luck, we got caught in pouring rain but the little town looked charming anyway.

We set off for the north again, wanted to reach Portixeddu and Piscinas coast but got lost (bad indications) and gave up the trip to the beach, we had heavy rain almost all day. We took the direction of the Temple of Antas and Fluminimaggiore and it was an amazing, winding road in the mountains with some spectacular panoramas.
A flock of sheep, when we stopped to take photos they remained inert
A view onto Sardinia Costa Verde

A large flock of goats near Capo Pecora

Capo Pecora where we had lunch...in the car again. I'd love to come back there in summer.

In the early evening, we were back in Cagliari, a bit disappointed about the bad weather that prevented us from seeing what we'd planned to see. What is more, the owner of our next B&B in Cagliari was forced to put us in some different place due to technical problems in his hotel. I admit I was angry but luckily enough, we ended up in B&B Antica Via, a cosy place in the centre of Cagliari (<--). I like this kind of unexpected upgrades.
It was our last night in Cagliari and while heading toward a recommended restaurant Sa Domu Sarda, we discovered this sophisticated Cafe Svizzero and stopped to have aperitif first. 

Sa Domu Sarda is an excellent restaurant offering a wide range of Sardinian specialities. We had cauliflower cream as a starter and as a secondo Sébastien took some pasta that looked like risotto (fregola) and I had a delicious grillada. 

From the left: -Sebada- a big ravioli filled with honey, cheese and jam
-Panna cotta italiana con frutti di bosco

On that last night I was feeling blue. Sardinian people were so kind and hospitable to us, we tried great food and visited wonderful places. The plan of the following day was a stroll into Cagliari streets and taking a flight back to Paris in the afternoon...

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  1. Hello Justyna Hi Max owner on B&B Le Ginestre from Portoscuso. I look your photo on our B&B and it's amazing, the room and the landscape to balcony is wonderful. We wait the next time. I suggest to you to come in Summer where the good weather and rumors on the sea is spectacular in the night. The our breakfast on the big balcony outside in the morning is a very surprise on colour and flavors. We want to stay on this blog the our comment. Regards Max, Laura and Marta.